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Advanced Graphics and Visualization, 7.5 ECTS Credits, Period 3, Spring 2013 (Gävle)

This course I teach in the International Bachelor Program of Computer Science at University of Gävle. Its main focus is on Direct Volume Rendering. It comprises theory and practical labs on development and evaluation of Volume Ray Casting algorithms which are implemented with C++/OpenGL/GLSL.


Recent courses


Advanced Graphics Programming, 7.5 ECTS Credits, Period 2, Fall 2012 (Gävle)

The objective of this course is to learn and practice advanced lighting and illumination algorithms in real-time Computer Graphics. The course is build up on eight different modules, each of which focusing on its own piece of theory as well as practical implementation concerning classical rendering techniques (e.g. Two-Sided Refraction, Shadow-Buffering, SSAO, etc..). Algorithms are mostly implemented as GLSL shader embedded into various frame-works, depending on the students´ preferences (C/C++, RenderMonkey, Maya). I initially developed this course but during Fall 2012, I was only marginally involved into teaching, due to other duties.


Scientific Visualization, 5 ECTS Credits, Period 1, Fall 2012 (Uppsala)

As the name suggests, this course comprises classical techniques for visualization of scientific data (scalar fields, vector fields, tensors-fields, multi-variable data…). While this course initially was intended for students in Computer Science, it has been re-developed to attract a wider audience including students from other disciplines such as e.g. physics, bio-informatics. To maintain a higher level of generality, the Visualization Toolkit (VTK) is used for the practical parts of this course. I have been involved in teaching this course for many years and recently I took over responsibility for it.


Design, Visualization and Virtual Reality, 15 ECTS Credits, Period 1+2, Fall 2012 (Gävle)

This course is given for students in the Creative Computer Graphics study program, which is a rather design-oriented program. The general objective of this course is to convey the theory and practical skills to produce interactive and (advanced) 3D visualizations of 3D designs. I teach one part of this course which concerns stereoscopic 3D rendering techniques and advanced spatial interaction. For the practical labs we use WorldViz Vizard, which is a high level development environment for rapid development of VR applications using Python scripting.

Theses tutoring


I am supervising/tutoring thesis projects both on the Bachelor level (in Gävle) and on the Master level (Uppsala). On average I supervise some 8-10 projects per year.



I am currently offering a project on efficient calculation and visualization of time-dependent volumetric view-sheds. This project requires good programming skills and ideally basic computer graphics and advanced computer graphics. If you are interested, please get in contact with me. This project is offered/tutored at Uppsala University.



Previous projects


Some examples of nice student projects from the past will soon be listed here.