stefan seipel


My research interests are in applied computer graphics and visualization with an emphasis on evaluation and usability. In my research I am investigating visualizations in many fields of applications, such as e.g. medical treatment planning, industrial process control, forestry planning, and environmental applications. My most recently published work concerns user studies in geo-spatial visualization. In 2005 I founded a visualization facility, the GraphiX Center at Gävle University, where I since January 2013 are heading a recently established research group in geospatial information technology.


Through the years I have been developing and teaching on various courses within Virtual Reality, Interactive Graphical Systems, Graphics Shader Programming, Graphics Design,, and Scientific Visualization both at Uppsala University and University of Gävle.

For a list of courses which I recently have been involved in, see my page on Teaching.

Other commitments

Current commissions of trust include the positions as chairman of the postgraduate education board at HiG and as chairman of the Swedish Computer Graphics Association, SIGRAD, which is the Swedish EUROGRAPHICS Chapter.


e-mail: (Uppsala) (Gävle)



+46 18 471 2829

+46 760 282800

Recent activities

Expert Evaluator (September 2012 - June 2013) for the current evaluations of the Swedish National Agency for Higer Education within the IT&Media Technology cluster.


Participated in the annual conference of SIGRAD held November 29th-30th at Linnaeus University in Växjö.


VI2 seminar titled "Visual computing for resource management", November 26th. VI2 - Department of Information Technology


Invited talk "Visualization for Resource and Risk Management" at IVA Science and Society Forum,

October 25th, 2012 . The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, IVA.


Reviewer for Graphics&Vision Journal, October 2012


Starting up course in Scientific Visualization, Uppsala University, September 2012


Starting up course in Visualization, University of Gävle, September 2012


Teaching on Course Design, Visualization and VR, University of Gävle


Reviewer for ERC ERCEA.B.3 - Advanced Grants, August 2012